Allassea Technologies

ICE (Integrate Comfort Experience) FOAM

A soft cell memory foam designed exclusively for Allassea using advanced medical technologies that allow the mattress to continually adjust to the user’s body temperature. It further adjusts to body temperature changes for the ultimate cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

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Visco memory foam that is infused with micro gel beads, allowing the mattress to minimize body heat during sleep, thus providing maximum body pressure relief, relaxation, and comfort.

Find it in: Sovereign, Sensuous


A quick recovery polyurethane foam that allows more support and flexibility when coupled with other types of foam. It breathes more, recovers faster, and supports better than other polyurethane foams. Iceberg support foam is engineered for increased airflow throughout the mattress and results in a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.

Find it in: Sensuous

ICEBERG BASE FOAM is a high-density polyurethane foam with an increased ability for weight bearing support. It provides the ideal foundation for other forms of foam and dramatically increase the durability and lifetime of the mattress.

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Cool Tex

An engineered latex that improves upon the reflexive feel and benefits of traditional latex mattresses. It provides the great support and feel of natural latex, yet is an environmentally friendly alternative. A mattress made with natural rubber uses 1800 rubber trees. Our Cool Tex alternative saves the rubber trees and costs 75% less.

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