Visit Allassea at the Las Vegas Market


Bedding expert Allassea Sleep Systems descends upon the Las Vegas Market with two new, innovative products that not only corner the market with quality and comfort, but also margin. Allassea retailers continue to see higher average margins due to the quality of Allassea’s products and their affordable prices. While Allassea will be showing brand bestsellers the Dreamer and Fusion mattresses at space C1565 in the Specialty Sleep Association section, they will also be debuting new products: the Pest Killing Mattress Encasement, a bed bug killing shield, and the EZ Base, a convenient box spring alternative.

Meet the Pest Killing Mattress Encasement


Unlike other mattress shields and encasement products on the market, Allassea’s Pest Killing Mattress Encasement KILLS pests – including Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Dust Mites, and Lice – within 24-hours of contact with the encasement’s Nano Net.

Learn more about the Pest Killing Mattress Encasement.



Meet the EZ Base


Another sleep system win for Allassea is their new EZ Base. This steel frame replaces the need for bulky box spring mattresses and bed frames. The EZ Base easily folds in half, requires no assembly, and can be used at 9” or 14” height to seamlessly work with the décor of your space. Its “foldability” makes it a perfect option for guest accommodations, or a solution for a growing family with kids transitioning to and from different bed sizes. It goes from storage to set up in three easy steps. Learn more about the EZ Base.


These two new offerings join the rest of Allassea’s quality products, including the Fusion Mattress, the Contur 2 adjustable base, and the Sleepyhead Pillow. Visit Allassea in space C1565 in the Specialty Sleep Association section of the Las Vegas Market.